The Petroff Move by Move

The petroff move by move

Move by Move is a series of opening books which uses a
question-and-answer format. One of our main aims of
the series is to replicate – as much as possible – lessons
between chess teachers and students.
All the way through, readers ���be challenged to answer
searching questions and to complete exercises, to test their
skills in chess openings and indeed in other key aspects of the
game. It’s orn· finn belief that practising yorn· skills like this is
an excellent way to study chess openings, and to study chess in
Many thanks go to all those who have been kind enough to offer inspiration, advice
and assistance in the creation of Move by Move. We’re really excited series
and hope that readers will share our enthusiasm.
J olu1 E.uuus
Eve1yman Chess

The petroff

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