i prefer going to school
i prefer going to school

I prefer handwork to “Going to school”

A story of why i prefer handwork to going to school,From the country I came from ,A child who going to school has been subconsciously been tutored that going to school is a good reason to live and become wealthy, our society believes  a child who is educated is that child who has gone through kindergarten, nursery ,primary, secondary and tertiary schools.

Solid 22years of going to school , studying, passing exams and graduation with no practically purpose
I studied my country employment chain and also discovered that after this so called education , the child goes for NYSC training with out getting impacted with an amount of handwork, the child will be feed with token called allowances. This same graduate will be sent to a shop or firm whose owner is not a graduate at all in some cases, the owner of the firm will be well establish with little knowledge of education. I concluded that steps meant for first was placed last.
The reason I am writing this is to express my point to the general public that to make a better future for a child, i learnt how to how to play chess and it has be my employment to teach chess in schools. I think we should prepare that child for entrepreneurship at tender age. Lets consider this structure
A child at 5 years goes for training as a fashion designer after he closes from school by 2pm.
Before he is 18, he won’t be useless compared to our graduate of 25 without any thing. With the modernization of life’s electrical gadgets he can develop better and smarter. This provides economical growth, reliability, sense of responsibility and more for that child subconsciously.
We won’t scrap school totally but handwork can fetch better than schooling.
My story
Dad died in just 1999 as a government worker on duty ,no compensation from the government no care and follow-up. I grew up by the intervention of God’s grace in my life.
Mother single-handedly brought up four children, through secondary schools and tertiary institution inclusive
My mother is a petty trader who had no college certificate but she was equipped. She has gotten the passion to work and to make a living with a purpose because she lived among people whose focus was learning a trade or handwork at tender age.
After my secondary school I learned an handwork. After enrolling for Sales and repair of Mechanical Generators, I also got a form to do Mechanical Engineering at Lagos State Polytechnic,Ikorodu. I graduated with a upper. I source for jobs with my National Diploma Certificate. I was offered Stipend for salary. Now I am a self employed mechanical engineer with my shop ,make my sales and pay my bills.
What if I have not learned that handwork? What if I relied only on school result? What if after securing an employment in a firm and the firm decides to replace me? What if I fall sick working for a firm and the next day I am suspended till further notice?
What if will never end?
Education has an extent it will take you to. i am not saying you should not go to school but going to school won’t make you who you will be as a great person. learn an handwork
I won’t say much more because a lot of us are suffering while solution is every where
Lets stand up as young people and move this nation to the promise land.

I prefer handwork to going to school because when i studied most of the notable wealthy people’s profile like mark zuckerburg, warren buffet, steve jobs and others around the world i discovered they are all problem solvers and they achieved their successful life by engaging in skills done by their hands and knowledge used are acquired by field experiences.

Learn a trade or an entrepreneurship handwork. you may choose to learn chess and become a grand master

Entrepreneurs Rule

Ama Ikechukwu Chinedu

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