Learn how to play chess

Learning how to play chess is quite fun.

The fun 😂 Intro

If you are here to learn about chess 😂, you are in the right place.

Here is a little fun video on how to arrange chess pieces

Chess is fun. Watch and prepare your mind for more fun

The Fun Way To Arrange Chess Pieces

The Basics

Chess is a game of tactics and strategy. It requires certain knowledge to play. Let’s dive through understanding the pieces – we will show you how they move; go over key concepts about the pieces you should know and discuss things that beginners in chess should do when approaching a chess games.

Chess is a game played by two players. It’s played on a chess board with its pieces.
The names of the pieces includes

The Chessboard
The Pawn
The Knight
The Bishop
The Rook
The King
The Queen
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