How To Generate 10,000 likes on your Facebook page

Most of us have Facebook page connected to our website. It is very frustrating when you have a great idea to share to the world and only few people gets to read it. If you are hoping to open a Facebook page, this post is for you, you are reading a powerful right up that will boost your page. Take every information you read here serious. It will transform your page into a center of attention for promoters and help you transfer traffic to your website

– The power of sharing :

I happened to practically have a page on Facebook. When I make a post I hardly get any likes till I discovered the power of sharing. Yes! Share your post. If you are having a page it means you are having a valid Facebook active account.

Let’s practically discuss *sharing*

If your page is about “Fashion”
1. Review your Facebook account, check your active Facebook friends
2. Check your friend list, patiently identify those into *fashion* and related
3. Add more friends that are into fashion
4. Go through Facebook groups – look for those connected to *fashion*
5. Share your page post in fashion related groups,
6. Share your post on your friends wall and on your wall tagging your friends with related views.

– The power of copy and paste :

Once you post a new valid information, copy the page link of the post , paste it in other social media sites not only Facebook. Create accounts with top bloggers sites and paste your link with that information. Draw outsiders to your Facebook post. Add a little hard work to build your presence.
These steps will give you results. All you need to do is to repeat the process as many as possible. you can share your links too on twitter and Instagram.

Learn to create a like button on your post just like mine below , click and like my page. Link your blog post to your Facebook.

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Good luck

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