How To Become a Chess Coach / Instructor

How to become a Chess Coach / Instructor in Schools

Chess coach

How to become a chess coach

How to become a chess coach

There are many benefits connected to knowing how to play the game of chess. As side from achieving a career, becoming a tournament champion and gaining chess titles. There is also a space to become an impact to others by teaching them the art of the game of chess. – Hence becoming a Chess Coach / Instructor with this few guidelines.

  1. - Learn How To Play Chess First ; To teach chess , you need to be equipped with the knowledge of chess. Learn the moves of the pieces, how they capture, basic and pro checkmates positions. - Proceed to sharpen your chess tactics by getting tutor, especially someone who has played tournaments before. -Play friends and others to get confidence about the game
  2. Play at Least One Tournament ; Get further field knowledge by playing one tournament or competition , rated or unrated to get equipped of how tournaments are played and organized. Some tournament will be exposed to you
  3. Submit a Proposal ; To crown it all prepare a standard business proposal submit them to many schools around you that doesn't have knowledge of chess. Wait patiently for a reply from those schools. Speak to Chess Coaches around you for more exposure -Thanks
  4. Learn more

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