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  1. The American genius
    Fischer responds ideally to the context of the cold war: an American genius alone challenges the Soviet
    chess machine and defeat. The paradox is that in Fischer’s war, on the one hand he represented
    America and all the West and, on the other hand, himself and only himself!
    Bobby Fischer was born in Chicago, the city of the wind , on the shores of Lake Michigan, the city of
    the Bullsof basketball, which Michael Jordan made famous, where the legendary architect Frank Lloyd
    Wright designed his revolutionary constructions and which the poet Carl Sandburg dedicated his
    futuristic and apocalyptic visions.
    What was happening in the world in 1943?
    Since the United States had joined the conflict, the war unleashed in Europe by the German occupation
    had reached enormous proportions, dwarfing even the tragic Great War of 1914-1918.
    Shortly before reaching the world Bobby, and after six months of intense fighting, Marshal Friedrich
    Paulus and his 19 generals had signed, in Stalingrad, the capitulation of the German Sixth Army, with
    which the tendency of the Second World War changed orientation , beginning to lean in favor of the
    allied troops.
    1943 is also the year in which Jean-Paul Sartre publishes his masterpiece The Being and Nothingness ,
    and in which the unforgettable Casablancafilm is released , with Ingrid Bergman and Humphrey
    His mother’s family, Regina Wender, was of Central European origin.
    In 1932, Regina, aged 19, traveled to Berlin to see her brother and pursue university studies. There she
    met Gerhardt Fischer, five years older than her. Fischer, a biophysicist and, according to the FBI, a
    communist, was in danger in Germany, following Hitler’s rise to power. So, at the end of 1933, he and
    Regina moved to Moscow, where they married and lived until 1938. In the Russian capital his daughter
    Joan was born and, during those years, Regina studied at the Moscow Medical Institute.
    On the eve of the Second World War, Regina was returning with her daughter to the US, while her
    husband had to stay, due to bureaucratic problems in convulsed Europe. Finally, in January 1940, he
    was able to travel to Chile.
    In 1945 Regina divorced her husband, with whom she had not lived since 1939.
    Here is an obvious question: if Regina and Gerhardt did not live together since 1939, when was Bobby
    conceived? Download pdf
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