How to make money with Google Adsense Program

google adsense

How do you make money using a blog or website that you already have? Its simple : Google Ads

There are basic steps which are needed to be in check before diving into Google Ads. These steps includes

Knowing about Google Adsense

Google adsense is a program run by google that allow publishers in the google network of content sites to save automatic text , images ,videos or interactive media advertisement that are targeted to site content and audience

How Google Ads works

Google Adsense works for /in a website when a webmaster who is interested to participate in Adsense inserts the Adsense Javascript Code in to a Webpage.


1. You make your ad space available

2. The highest paying ads appear on your site.

3. You get paid. – On clicks and views

How you can get google approval

I assume you reading this post own a website or manage a blog either ways , you wish to make money with your website. Google Adsense offers you cash when people view ads from your website.

I got my Google Adsense approval after series of trials and patient waiting and hoping. i was finally found eligible after following basic rules i will expose in this post. i was approved on february 27th, 2019 as at then my website was just only two months old. it was expected yet amazing when a friend of mine who has a 5years old website has been approved by google yet for adsense. I will share my tips here so as to help you obtain google approval.

You see blogging is very never easy, it requires hard work, consistency, and perseverance than a physical store – where you wait for your customers to come, I discovered before visitors locates your website or blog post google bots and analysis are already running on your site looking for valuable contents to deliver to search queries as results. – By now if you don’t know what google is looking for you should know after this , yes! You guess right, Piracy or Autenticity

Google Adsense
A blogger needs to write more Original contents

Tip#1 – Original Content : Hmm! really right 😀, Original Content is a unique and original value oriented information / material created by the person posting it. – Its a first hand raw information posted by the owner to the webpage. It includes media,written works,jokes or conventional topics. Learn and practice to publish original contents related to your niche. Once you do google will accredit you worthy of adsense. Anytime you write with intention of sharing ,keep your audience at forefront of your mind. When an article which is original and audience centered is published google ranks you higher , you will be considered a brand leader. Original content is the first key to get Google Adsense approved on your site.

Tip#2 – Avoid Copied Pictures and Post , Never use someone else picture on your post for illustration. This still relate to piracy of others content. Learn to edit your picture and create original picture content stories.

Tip #3 – Share your post link across to social media plat forms

Tip#4 – Visit Google Adsense – for easy access click here Google adsense . Sign up for a new account – Follow the instruction towards getting a code to paste on your page. Post Google java scripts as instructed in the <head> <head/> portion instructed part from your google ad home page.

These tips worked for me So it will also work for you. Keep blogging and posting relevant contents . Good Luck 😎

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