Im Eric tangborn

An important step to improving your chess game is the understanding of the opening. The opening in
chess refers to that phase of the game during which the forces of both sides are mobilized to encounter
each other for the fight in the middlegame.
I suggest that you choose a limited number of openings t”>Notes by Fischer
At the start of the game these are the four elements in the opening you must consider:
1) fighting for control of the center
2) striving for the quickest and most active development
3) creating conditions that permit early castling
4) forming an advantageous pawn structure.
The King’s Indian Attack is a simple opening that satisfies these elements. The opening moves for
White are: 1.Nf3, 2.g3, 3.Bg2, 4.O-O, 5.d3.
The first plan will be to advance the pawn to e4, if necessary preceded by moves such as Nbd2 and
Re1. The next plan will depend on what Black has played in the meantime. Usually White attacks on
the kingside, but he can also concentrate on the queenside. This book will be devoted to such ideas.
To master the King’s Indian Attack, I present a large number of well-annotated games. Former World
Champion Tigran Petrosian has written that the best and perhaps the only road to mastery of chess is
the study of the games of the masters. The main task in the opening is to reach a playable middlegame.
Thus opening preparation should not displace the study of strategy, sharpening your tactical ability

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