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Chess Rook

Chess Rooks are also called Castle. They stand to protect the king from the sides. The Rook moves any number of squares on the file or the rank. Rook moves any number of squares along the rank or file Chess Rooks are one of the most powerful pieces in chess. Rooks are worth 5 pawns or 5 points. Rook moves and capture Horizontally and vertically. They can’t jump over pieces. They travel longer range than the pawns and king The main thing you need to know about rooks is that they work best on open files, meaning that vertically and horizontally if there are no pieces in the way, the rooks fair much better. Chess rooks are only as good as the number of squares they can cover or the pieces that they can support. One of the common mistakes people make is not activating their rooks. When you develop your pieces you should aim to move all your pieces towards the center, and after you have castled for king safety, make sure that your rooks are always on open files. If you lose one of your pawns, make sure you put a chess rook on that file. If chess players used their rooks they would become much better players instantly. Watch the video below to watch a detailed explanation of rook
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