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Chess In Schools,Nigeria

Chess In Schools In Nigeria

Chess in school programs in Nigeria serves as a reviling sport for children in schools. It has exposed talents and skills to the world. In Nigeria today, there are several adults who doesn’t know about chess because they weren’t given the opportunity to learn chess from their childhood through a platform – school.

There are many organizations to sole-educator who have taken responsibilities to provide quality chess knowledge and services in Nigeria.

Here are Chess Academy /Tutor/Trainers/ Personal Coaches In Nigeria

Pedachess Chess Academy – Pedachess was incorporated as a limited in June, 2008. As an organization, the company is at the forefront of enabling the young child mentally using chess as a teaching tool and has been involved with chess instruction in schools for over 8yrs now.    Contact : – website: – phone: 08133307104 – Lagos

Chess Train Entreprises. 
CEO Boyo Paul kehinde – Contact : 08028320110. -Lagos

Substance Global Educational services. 
CEO – Oluyisola Abiola – Contact : 0810 513 1306
Substance Global Educational services. – Lagos
They sell and supplies chess board, chess clocks and demonstration boards across lagos.

Midechess Educational services 
CEO Akindayini Olumide-
Contact : 09033223035 – Lagos

FIDE Trainer (Sole Coach)
Mr Austin Apemeye 
Contact : calls – 07058337580 WhatsApp – 07014104101

Castlemind Chess Services
A subsidiary of Castlemind Educational Services is a chess academy that engages in chess in school programmes, sales of chess accessories and organisation of tournaments.
Mr Ama Ikechukwu – Contact : 08188845974

E4 Geenius Services
Mr Craig Abel Soyoye  – Contact : 0806 479 1854, 0803 050 6613

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