Chess – A Crime Fighting Tool

Chess – A Crime Fighting tool

learn work instead of going to school

I am a porn addict who loves playing games too. On a cool evening I bought subscription to search for latest porn over the internet, I saw a post on chess which drew my attention. I have played games like PlayStation ,Nintendo,ludo,Mario just to mention a few, they are nothing to compare to chess game. I downloaded a chess application from play store. All these activities gave me a new direction so I studied the moves of the pieces ,how they captures and the necessary information I need to know to play chess. The new adventure I developed while practicing chess increased my love for chess.
Chess is a tactical and strategic game with tasking and demanding amount of concentration and focus to achieve the best out of it. Chess presents various benefits such included Careers , Good sportsmanship, good memorization, employments, good academic grades etc.
I strongly believe if one third of interested population of the world can be empowered to practice chess daily by means available ,free and convenient the following crimes will be reduced by 40 – 60% monthly.

1. Theft, fraud and robbery – this happens as a result of unemployment and joblessness. If chess is enforced there will be room for jobs like Chess Coaches and National Arbiters

2. Murder and Rape – An idle mind is the devils workshop, Bad companies corrupts good manners

Where chess players are gathered chess is being discussed. So the more the practice of chess is enforced on the community. There will be less room for pornography search ,rape thoughts and murders

With proper implementation of chess scheme ; there will be moral developments, career achievements , self confidence to lead ,to be a coach and many more.


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